panel.3dmisc {latticeExtra}R Documentation

Miscellanous panel utilities for three dimensional Trellis Displays


Miscellanous panel functions for use with three dimensional Lattice functions such as cloud and wireframe


panel.3dbars(x, y, z,
             rot.mat = diag(4), distance,
             xbase = 1, ybase = 1,
             xlim, xlim.scaled,
             ylim, ylim.scaled,
             zlim, zlim.scaled,
             col = "black",
             lty = 1, lwd = 1,
             col.facet = "white",
             alpha.facet = 1)

panel.3dpolygon(x, y, z, rot.mat = diag(4), distance,
                col = "white",
                border = "black",
                font, fontface,

panel.3dtext(x, y, z, labels = seq_along(x),
             rot.mat = diag(4), distance, ...)


x, y, z

data to be plotted

rot.mat, distance

arguments controlling projection


character or expression vectors to be uses as labels

xlim, ylim, zlim

limits in the original scale

xlim.scaled, ylim.scaled, zlim.scaled

limits after scaling


the value of z = 0 after scaling

xbase, ybase

length of the sides of the bars (which are always centered on the x and y values). Can not be vectorized.

col, lty, lwd, alpha, border

Graphical parameters for the border lines. These can be vectors, in which case each component will be associated with one bar in panel.3dbars.

font, fontface

unused graphical parameters, present in the argument list only so that they can be captured and ignored

col.facet, alpha.facet

Graphical parameters for surfaces of the bars . These can be vectors, in which case each component will be associated with one bar.


extra arguments, passed on as appropriate.


panel.3dbars and panel.3dpolygon are both suitable for use as (components of) the argument of The first one produces three dimensional bars, and the second one draws three dimensional polygons.


Deepayan Sarkar

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cloud(VADeaths, = panel.3dbars,
      col.facet = "grey", xbase = 0.4, ybase = 0.4,
      screen = list(z = 40, x = -30))

cloud(VADeaths, = panel.3dbars,
      xbase = 0.4, ybase = 0.4, zlim = c(0, max(VADeaths)),
      scales = list(arrows = FALSE, just = "right"), xlab = NULL, ylab = NULL,
      col.facet = level.colors(VADeaths, at = do.breaks(range(VADeaths), 20),
                               col.regions = terrain.colors,
                               colors = TRUE),
      colorkey = list(col = terrain.colors, at = do.breaks(range(VADeaths), 20)),
      screen = list(z = 40, x = -30))

cloud(as.table(prop.table(Titanic, margin = 1:3)[,,,2]),
      type = c("p", "h"),
      zlab = "Proportion\nSurvived", = panel.3dbars,
      xbase = 0.4, ybase = 0.4,
      aspect = c(1, 0.3),
      scales = list(distance = 2),
      panel.aspect = 0.5)

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